How Our Eco-Friendly Homes are Built

We work in partnership with the EcoHousing Company, using their EcoWall370 timber frame system which is built in their bespoke factory, ensuring that each of our eco-friendly builds is of the same high quality and efficiency.

EcoWall370 Technology

In addition to providing a time saving and sustainable build process, the EcoWall370 system ensures extremely high levels of thermal efficiency in your home, helping to keep your energy bills down.

Based on proven conventional technology, the closed cell timber frame system consists of 200mm studs sheathed on the external face with oriented strand board which is filled with environmentally-friendly earth-wool recycled insulation. An incredibly tough foil membrane closes off the interior side of the panel.

Counter battens are then fitted over the foil membrane, providing space for electrical cables and other equipment, this service void also helps increase the insulation of the overall wall construction.

A breathable, waterproof membrane is applied to the exterior side of the wall before a 38mm timber batten is fitted to create a cavity. The panel is then covered by cladding or render to give a high-quality finish.

Our modern building process provides numerous advantages over traditional offsite construction:

  • Controlled manufacturing process eliminates workmanship/quality issues
  • The EcoWall370 is ISO 9001 quality approved
  • Increased thermal performance levels, with lower u-values and rating
  • Draught proofing and air-tightness in line with the Code for Sustainable Homes four, five and six performance
  • Allows structures to be erected much quicker than conventional builds
  • Windows are pre-installed and can be ordered weeks in advance, avoiding project schedule delays
  • Superstructure can be erected considerably quicker than traditional builds
  • Internal finishing can begin immediately after erection
  • Reduces finishing trade's time and contract prices
  • Reduces on-site material waste considerably 
  • Cleaner and safer site conditions
  • Code for Sustainable Homes four, five and six are achievable
  • LABC system approval and certification (10-year guarantee)
  • Council of Mortgage Lenders certified




Key: EcoWall370

  1. High-quality finish 

  2. 38mmx50mm cladding battens

  3. Reflective breather membrane

  4. 9mm OSB sheathing board

  5. 195mmx44mm main timber frame

  6. 195mm thick insulation - Knauf earthwool

  7. Vapour control layer

  8. 25mmx38mm battens to form service void

  9. 12.5mm plasterboard

  10. Windows

  11. Insect mesh

  12. Aluminum flashing to window

  13. Window surround

  14. 195mm x 44mm head binder

Wall panel illustrated achieves a u-value of 0.18 and an air-tightness value of three.